Parliamentary Forums

The first parliamentary forum on water Conservation and management was Constituted in the year 2005. The 15th Lok Sabha had 8 such forums.
The objectives behind the constitution of The parliamentary forums are:
  • to provide a platform to the Members to have interactions with The ministers concerned, experts And key officials from the nodal Ministries with a view to have a Focused and meaningful discussion On critical issues
  • to sensitize members about the key Areas of concern and also about the Ground level situation and equip them With the latest information, knowledge, Technical know-how and valuable inputs From experts both from the country and Abroad
  • to prepare a data-base through collection Of data on critical issues from ministries Concerned, reliable NGOS, newspapers, United nations, internet, etc.
  • the speaker of Lok Sabha is the ex-officio President of all the forums Except the parliamentary forum on Population and public health wherein The chairman of Rajya Sabha is the ex-officio President and the speaker is The ex-officio co-president.
  • the deputy chairman of Rajya Sabha, The deputy speaker of Lok Sabha, the Concerned ministers and the chairmen Of departmentally-related standing Committees are the ex-officio vice- Presidents of the respective forums.
  • each forum consists of not more than 31 Members (excluding the president, co- President and vice-presidents) out of whom Not more than 21 are from the Lok Sabha And not more than 10 are from the Rajya Sabha.
  • the meetings of the forums are held From time to time, as may be necessary, During parliament sessions.

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