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Mains Test Series 2024 (25 Tests)

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About Mains Test Series

In the Civil Services Mains Examination, answer writing plays a crucial part and remains the most important component of this three-stage exam. A high score in Mains, more often than not, guarantees a better final rank.

Our expertise lie in developing Mains questions that not only adhere to the UPSC standard but also help aspirants cover the better part of the syllabus in a holistic manner. We have developed considerable expertise in evaluating the answers that you write and in providing valuable feedback. You can use this feedback to improve your answer writing within a short period of time.

Salient Features:

  1. The ‘UPSC WITH NIKHIL’ Mains Test Series is a synthesis of current affairs and conventional topics - as per the latest UPSC trends.
  2. All of our question papers are prepared after intensive research from standard books, government websites, relevant newspapers etc. Evaluation of answers are done by a dedicated team of experts.
  3. In the Test Series, appropriate amount of days has been provided between tests for adequate preparation and revision.
  4. We are also providing clear and crisp information in the form of detailed answers with each test to help you enrich your overall knowledge.(Please note that Test Discussions will be held only in our classrooms. You will not get the discussion videos online)
  5. We also lived up to the promise of uploading back evaluated copies within 15 days window. This again helped our subscribers to write all tests without wasting their time in uncertainty.
  6. Over the years, we have evolved standardization in awarding marks to our students (including Essay paper). This is done by thoroughly training evaluators before every test in many aspects such as; training them in properly understanding the demand of every question and essay topic; training them hard by making them write entire test before evaluation and then by discussing each and every question themselves to rule out any subjectivity while awarding marks.
  7. All tests will have 20 Questions each. This will help any candidate to improve their writing speed by mid-way in order to answer 20 questions in given 3 hours.
  8. Question cum Answer Booklets (Only English medium)
  9. Comprehensive Synopsis for each test – these will be provided within 2 days of the test.
  10. Evaluation of copies within 15 days of submission.

The UPSC Mains exam is a completely different ball-game compared to the Prelims. To excel in the IAS mains, candidates need, apart from knowledge and analytical abilities, the know-how to write answers within the prescribed time and space limits. Answer writing is an art and no matter how erudite or how intelligent a candidate is, unless he/she expresses what is expected in the answer booklet, clearing the mains exam will be a rather long shot. This is why it is important to not only study all the right material for the IAS exam, but also practice answer writing in an exam-simulated setting.

Writing answers in an exam-like setting will help candidates understand the nuances of answer writing such as how to write what exactly is asked, how to limit the words to the prescribed number range, how to highlight important points and keywords, how to augment answers with illustrations wherever necessary, and so on. Candidates will also learn how to prioritize their answer writing, especially when there are choices. This will also give candidates the much-needed writing practice with which the speed of writing can improve; and during the civil services exam, time is always in short supply!

Like in the previous years, this year too, candidates can enroll in the much-awaited series and assess their own preparation. With the ‘UPSC WITH NIKHIL’ Mains test series, candidates can evaluate their own exam-preparedness and also get ample answer writing practice.

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