International Relations

UK – Japan Defence Agreement

UK – Japan Defence Agreement Pact

Recent Pact: 1.    Signing a "landmark" defense agreement with Japan will increase econom...

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Global South Summit: Emergence

Global South Summit: Emergence of A New Global Order 

About Summit: India opened the Voice of Global South Summit on January 12 with Prime Minister Naren...

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Anti-Dumping - Protections, Co

Anti-Dumping - Protections, Contingencies, And Among Others

Introduction: The smooth operation of international trade in products depends on binding tariffs an...

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Everything You Need To Know Ab

Everything You Need To Know About International Monetary Fund

Introduction A global financial institution with 190 member nations is the International Monetary F...

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What Is Meant By Port Security

What Is Meant By Port Security?

Meaning: Simply put, port security is the phrase for the security and law enforcement procedures to...

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"String of Pearls"- China's St

"String of Pearls"- China's Strategy To Encircle India

With reports that China is considering establishing a naval station in Pakistan, India may once agai...

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Major WTO Agreements And Their

Major WTO Agreements And Their Implications For India

As a WTO member, India is subject to a number of significant agreements, including the Agreement on ...

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What Is A Vacuum or Thermobari

What Is A Vacuum or Thermobaric Bomb

According to the UK's Ministry of Defence (MoD), Russia has employed thermobaric weapons, sometimes ...

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SCO’s Eight Wonders

SCO’s Eight Wonders

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) included the India’s Statue of Unity Statue in the...

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SCO-Shanghai Cooperation Organ

SCO-Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is an intergovernmental organization founded in Shangh...

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India’s Relations With Neigh

India’s Relations With Neighbors

India's relations with her neighbors were a top priority for her, and fortunately, she was on good t...

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Foreign Direct Investment In I

Foreign Direct Investment In India

When a firm invests in a business entity in another nation, it is known as foreign direct investment...

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