Integrity And Its Difference With Honesty

Integrity And Its Difference With Honesty

Integrity comes from the Latin word "integritas," which means "wholeness" or "completeness." Integrity is the inner sense of "wholeness of character" that develops as a result of a person's continued adherence to values and moral principles.
Integrity And Its
In other words, integrity is the practice of adhering to strong moral principles and values consistently and unwaveringly. Integrity entails always doing the right thing, regardless of the circumstances. "Doing the right thing when no one is looking" is a common definition of integrity.
Integrity is a moral virtue that serves as the foundation for a good character. When people act virtuously regardless of the circumstances or consequences, they demonstrate integrity. A man of integrity,' for example, is someone honest at all times and in all circumstances.
It takes courage to always do the right thing, regardless of the consequences, which is why fortitude and integrity are frequently found together. Integrity implies that you are true to yourself and would not do anything to degrade or dishonour yourself.


•    Honesty is defined as "truthfulness," or the absence of deception and fraud, as well as fair and straightforward behaviour.
•    The difference between honesty and integrity is that honesty simply refers to telling the truth, whereas integrity refers to having a strong moral character and adhering to a set of strict ethics and principles.
•    Honesty is a virtue, but the requirements for honesty are less stringent than those for integrity. 
•    For example, a person could sell a product that hasn't been thoroughly tested on the basis that it hasn't been proven to be dangerous.
•    However, to act with integrity, one must either: 
1.    Inform the customer that the product has not been tested. 
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2.    If there's a chance the product could harm the customer, don't sell it at all.
•    Honesty: This car is great, and we haven't had any complaints yet!!
•    Integrity: I'd like to let you know that, while we haven't received any complaints about this vehicle yet... Some of its security features haven't been thoroughly tested...
•    As a result, it is possible to be both honest and immoral at the same time. Integrity is eternal and value-based, whereas honesty is fleeting and often based on rules and regulations. As a result, one important distinction between honesty and integrity is that one cannot have integrity without being honest, but one can be honest without being a person with the value of integrity. Integrity may or may not require action, depending on one's values; honesty, on the other hand, only requires that one refrain from lying.


1.    A highly skilled officer who lacks integrity will always use his skill to benefit himself rather than the public good.
2.    Only with integrity can officers deliver justice and build a welfare state.
3.    If civil servants lack integrity and accountability, the quality of government will suffer.
4.    People's faith in the government and administration may be eroded as a result 

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