Elections To Local Government

  • All the members of panchayats at the village, intermediate and district levels shall be elected directly by the people.
  • Further, the chairperson of panchayats at the intermediate and district levels shall be elected indirectly—by and from amongst the elected members thereof. However, the chairperson of a panchayat at the village level shall be elected in such manner as the state legislature determines.


  • All the members of a municipality shall be elected directly by the people of the municipal area. For this purpose, each municipal area shall be divided into territorial constituencies to be known as wards.
  • The state legislature may provide the manner of election of the chairperson of a municipality.
    State Election Commission:
  • Article 243K provides for the Constitution of a State Election Commission consisting of a State Election Commissioner to be appointed by the Governor.
  • Powers of superintendence, direction and control of elections to the Panchayats and Municipalities, including preparation of electoral rolls for it shall vest in the State Election Commission.
  • To ensure the independence of the Commission it is laid down that State Election Commissioner can be removed only in the same manner and on the same grounds as a Judge of a High Court.
  • The State Legislatures have the power to legislate on all matters relating to elections to Panchayats and Municipalities.

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