People’s Participation

People’s Participation

People’s participation means participation of people in the administrative process. It implies citizens’ control over administration or public influence on administration.
  • It is essential for the smooth and effective performance of the administrative machinery. It makes the administration responsive to the needs of the people.
people participation
  • It secures public support to the government policies and makes them a success. It constitutes an important means of enforcing administrative accountability.

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  • It provides administration a wealth of information on local socio-cultural, economic, ecological, and technical conditions. This information is highly useful in the process of planning, programming and implementation of development programmes.
  • It leads to the selection of those projects which are of direct relevance to the people.
  • It facilitates mobilization of local resources in the form of cash, labour, materials and so on which are very essential for the programmes success.
  • It acts as a safeguard against the abuse of administrative authority and thus reduces the scope for corruption in the operation of programmes.
  • It prevents the hijacking of programme benefits by richer and powerful sections due to the involvement of poorer and weaker sections of the society. Thus, it leads to the equitable distribution of benefits.
  • It makes the local community easily accept the developmental change and more tolerable to mistakes and failures.
  • It reduces the financial burden on government by sustaining the programmes even after the withdrawal of its support. They can be managed by the volunteers or community-based workers.
  • It enhances the ability and competence of the people to assume responsibility and solve their own problems. It develops a spirit of self-reliance, initiative and leadership among the people.
  • It promotes esprit de corps in the community and thus strengthens democracy at the grassroots level.

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