History Of The Chak Dynasty And Muhammad Ghazi Shah Chak (1555 Ce) 



Around 1555 CE, Muhammad Ghazi Shah Chak founded the dynasty. The Dard region of Gilgit Hunza is where the Chaks originally came from. Chak leaders prevented Mughal emperors like Babur and Humayun from annexing Kashmir. 
History of The Chak Dynasty And Muhammad Ghazi Shah Chak (1555 CE)

History of Muhammad Ghazi Shah Chak

•    Nasir ud-din Muhammad Ghazni Shah, the first Chak Sultan of Kashmir, rose to the throne between 1561 and 1563.
•    He was an intelligent man who made repeated attempts to purge the state of various problems. He was especially careful to fix the finances. A number of political and environmental forces have caused the treasure to become empty.
•    In order to oversee the administration of justice, he selected high-level Governors. Justice was deeply infused in his blood.
•    Once upon a time, the king had his hands chopped after discovering one of his attendants stealing fruits from an orchid.
•    Most notably, Skardu, Gilgit, Kiahtiwar, and Pakli were among the original kingdom lands that he restored.
•    He filled these offices with competent and wise Governors. 


•    He had all the charismatic traits and worked to improve their administration, according to Muhammad Ghazi Shah Chak. Under his leadership, a department of alertness and energy existed.
•    By building sound law and order, he attempted to defend the state from Mughal incursions.
•    He was a learned man who produced several Persian poetry. He was generous with his supporters.
•    If he came across any traitors in an embezzlement case, Gazi Chak would treat them all brutally.
•    He created legislation that were incredibly harsh against people who engaged in unethical administrative practices.
•    He had seen the inept administrators numerous times, and there was a statute that demanded that anyone who acted unethically inside the administration have their limbs off.
•    A man with a strong sense of justice, Ghazi Shah.
History of The Chak Dynasty And Muhammad Ghazi Shah Chak (1555 CE)

Religious Policy By Muhammad Ghazi Shah Chak

•    Despite being a Shiite, the Ghazi Shah allowed everyone to practice their religion freely.
•    According to Nawadrial Akbar's script, Ghazi Shah was intolerant by nature.
•    In order to remove him, various Sunni rulers, notably Nusrat chak, Yousuf chak, and Najim Malik, dispatched Qara Badhur.
•    Akbar dispatched Qara Badhur to invade Kashmir. The Sunni Nobles' Union, however, resisted helping him and continued to support Gazi Shah. 


Ghazi Shah Chak was a king who employed his intelligence to help the nation overcome a number of problems. He put in extra effort to get the finances in order. The treasure had been diminished as a result of numerous political and natural forces. Despite being a Shiite, Ghazi Shah upheld religious freedom for everybody.

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