World Spice Congress (wsc)

World Spice Congress (WSC)


The 14th World Spice Congress (WSC) will take place in Mumbai from February 16–18, 2023. New avenues will be made available by the WSC to encourage the international trade of Indian spices with G20 nations.
India is referred to be the world's "Spice Bowl." It produces a variety of high-quality, uncommon, and therapeutic spices. The 14th World Spice Congress (WSC) will take place in Mumbai from February 16–18, 2023, with the goal of expanding chances for promoting the export of Indian spices.
According to D Sathiyan, Secretary, Spices Board, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, this WSC is unique because it takes place during India's G20 chairmanship. At today's curtain-raiser news conference in Mumbai, he was addressing. He added that it will give the stakeholders a forum to review the sector's current trends after COVID-19 and determine a course of action. 
Special business sessions will be held at the event, which was planned to provide a platform for policy regulators as well as traders, to encourage trade in spices across the G20 nations. According to Shri. Sathiyan, the event will include participation from decision-makers, regulatory bodies, and trade associations for spices, government representatives, and technical specialists from important G20 nations. 
WSC 2023's theme is "VISION 2030: S-P-I-C-E-S." (Sustainability, Productivity, Innovation, Collaboration, Excellence and Safety).

Why Maharashtra?

When asked why Maharashtra was selected as the WSC's host city, Shri. Sathiyan responded, "Maharashtra is one of the top states for producing spices. It is India's top source of turmeric production. Two types of turmeric with GI tags and one variety of chilly with GI tags are produced in Maharashtra. 

Maharashtra's coastal regions are renowned for producing GI-tagged kokum. It is one of the major centers for spice exports.
Mr. Sathiyan described the Congress' events in detail, stating that the WSC 2023, which will be held at the CIDCO International Convention Centre in Navi Mumbai, will be graced by the presence of Shri Piyush Goyal, Minister of Commerce and Industry, and Smt. Anupriya Patel, Minister of State, Ministry of Commerce and Industry. On February 17, 2023, Shri Piyush Goyal will also present the Trophies and Awards for Excellence in Spice Exports.
Shri Sathiyan further stated - on the Indian spice, that during the years 2022–2023 there was a rise in demand for some spices, particularly seed spices like cumin, fenugreek, Bishop's weed (Ajwain), dill, poppy, aniseed, mustard, and others. Between April and October 2022, there was a 170% increase in the quantity of garlic compared to the same time last year. Other spices like asafoetida, cinnamon, cassia, and saffron, which had a bumper crop this season, also exhibit a favorable trend. Curry powder and other value-added products made from spices have a positive trend.
The bulk of India's spice trade occurs in the fourth quarter, therefore the country's spice sector is anticipating increasing shipments of spices from January through March 2023, which are projected to push overall exports up to the USD 4 billion mark. The WSC 2023 will provide as a platform to further investigate various options in this field. 

WSC 2023 Key Points:

The Government of India is supporting WSC 2023, which is anticipated to be bigger and much more diverse than earlier iterations and will have specific state pavilions and commodity pavilions. The event will give the spice community a chance to network and present Indian products to a larger international audience.
World Spice Congress (WSC)
The WSC 2023 business sessions will include subjects like:
•    India: The Spice Bowl for the Global Market - Presentation/Panel Discussion with Regulatory Authorities on Addressing Food Safety & Quality Requirements for Spices
•    Strengthening Country Perspective & Opportunities in the Global Spice Trade
•    Forecasts and trends for crops and markets
•    The International Spice Trade Associations' forecast on the spice market
The Following Features:
•    Distribution of the coveted Awards for excellence in spice export at Awards Nights
•    Zone of Spice Experience
•    Authentic Indian Experiences: Product Launches, Tech Talk Sessions, and Cultural Events
The Indian Spice & Foodstuff Exporters' Association in Mumbai, the Indian Pepper and Spice Trade Association in Kochi, the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Kolkata, and the Federation of Indian Spice Stakeholders in Unjha, Gujarat all actively participate in the WSC, which is organized by the Spices Board.
Only delegates who have registered may attend WSC 2023, and those who are interested can do so online at

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