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In today’s world of excessive information, students often tend to get confused. We have long felt the urge to simplify and streamline this information. With this sole objective in mind, we came up with ‘UPSC with Nikhil’. Our Motto ‘Education For Excellence’ inspires us to provide students with one of the best and budget friendly courses. we are committed to quality and strongly believe that success of our students depends on the competence and attitude of our expert. we are available to each and every student to nurture their passion, curiosity and educational success. Our aim is to make the students free from the rigidities of highly ritualized teaching that they have so far experienced earlier; where there is a lot of teaching but very little learning. We are confident, curious and catalysts. So, with the right mind set, passion and dedication, join us to excel.
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Air Pollution In An Environmen

INTRODUCTION Air pollution is the term used to describe the tainting of the earth's atmosphere by the presence of hazardous substances. Techniques fo

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Environmental And Health Pollu

INTRODUCTION Humans, biodiversity, and the ecosystem are all harmed by environmental pollution. It can be produced by intentional or inadvertent huma

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Economic Development Versus Ec

INTRODUCTION Even if the terms economic development and economic growth have a similar sound, they differ greatly from one another. There are signifi

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What Is Deforestation?

Deforestation is the process of removing a forest or a stand of trees and then converting the land to a non-forest use. Conversion of forestland to fa

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