E-epic – Its Eligibility And Procedure To Download


A voter ID card that can be quickly downloaded online is called an "e-EPIC." Here are instructions on how to download it and other information about it. One of the most significant identity proofing documents in the nation is the voter ID card, which is provided by the Election Commission of India (ECI). Voter registration is required during elections at various levels. To take use of numerous government services and programs, it can be used as a legitimate evidence of age and address. 
The Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC), also known as the e-EPIC, was also made available by the government. Here are its characteristics, advantages, requirements for eligibility, and instructions for downloading it.

E-Epic: What Is It?

The voter ID card is also known as the e-EPIC. It has a size of roughly 250 KB and is distributed in the Portable Document Format (PDF) format. The National Voters Services Portal of the government offers it for download on your electronic devices (NVSP).

What Advantages Does E-Epic Offer?

•    Your mobile device or other devices can conveniently and securely save the e-EPIC.
•    It cannot be altered, making it impossible to forge.
•    It is acceptable as a means of proving both identity and address.

Who Can Apply For It?

New voters who registered during the Special Summary Revision 2021 and had a distinct mobile number in the e-roll were qualified for the e-EPIC in the first phase. All eligible voters who have a current EPIC number were made eligible for the e-EPIC in the second phase.

What Steps Must Be Taken To Download It?

To download your e-EPIC, follow these instructions:
Visit the NVSP portal at https://nvsp.in to register or log in.
•    Your EPIC number and Form Reference Number must be entered.
•    Check the OTP that was delivered to your registered mobile number.
•    Then select download e-EPIC.
•    To complete the KYC if your mobile number is not already listed in the e-roll, click on e-KYC.
•    You'll need a smartphone or a laptop or desktop with a camera for that.
•    Pass the facial verification step to finish the eKYC.
•    For the eKYC to be complete, update your mobile number.
•    If eKYC doesn't work, you'll need to change your mobile number and go to the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) office with identification that includes a photo.
•    Download your e-EPIC at last.

If You Misplace Your Epic, Can You Still Download E-Epic?

•    Even if you've lost your EPIC, you can still download your e-EPIC. Visit https://voterportal.eci.gov.in or https://electoralsearch.in, search for your name in the electoral roll, note your EPIC number, and then download the e-EPIC.
•    In fact, by utilizing your Form Reference Number, you can also get your e-EPIC.

Why Are Voter Id Cards Issued?

•    Unique identity cards include voter ID cards. 
•    They must be carried by voters when they cast their ballots in order to prevent voting for someone else.

How Can I Get A Voter Identification Card?

E-Epic – Its Eligibility And Procedure To Download
Anyone who is an Indian citizen who is 18 years old or older and has a permanent address is eligible to apply for a voter ID card. The steps below to submit an online application for a voter ID card is:
•    Visit the ECI's official website.
•    The National Voters Services Portal should be selected.
•    Then select "Apply online for fresh voter registration."
•    Enter your information and submit the necessary files.
•    Select "Submit" from the menu.
•    After that, you'll get an email with a link to your own personal voter ID page, where you can keep track of your application.
The following documentation is required in order to apply for a voter ID card.
•    One passport size photo.
•    One identifying document, such as your passport, license, or PAN card.
•    One evidence of address, such as a utility bill, passport, Aadhaar card, or ration card.
•    After submitting your application, you should receive your voter ID within a month.

How Can You Update or Modify Your Voter Id Card?

•    Go to the official NVSP website.
•    Enter "Correction of entries in electoral roll" into the search bar.
•    To make the necessary changes, click Form 8.
•    Before submitting, enter the necessary information, including the state, assembly or parliamentary constituency, name, part number of the electoral roll, serial number, gender, age, family information, and full address.
Choose the information you wish to update or amend:
•    Enter the city, request date, and contact details.
•    Click the Submit button after you have checked all the information.
•    To make the modifications, you must upload supporting documentation.

An Electoral Roll Is What?

•    An electoral roll, which is sometimes referred to as an electoral register or a voter’s poll, is a list that contains the names of those who are qualified to vote in a certain election within a given jurisdiction. Depending on the level of elections, it is the responsibility of the Election Commission of India and the state election commissioners to produce and update the electoral roll.

An Overview of The Indian Election Commission:

•    The Union Ministry of Law and Justice has jurisdiction over the Election Commission, a constitutional body with national authority in India. It was established on January 25, 1950, and is in charge of organizing and overseeing elections around the nation. 

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