Road Safety Week 2022 Highlighting The Importance Of Road Safety

About The Event:

•    November 14 to 20, is celebrated as National Road Safety Week. The week is a yearly occurrence and the largest road safety awareness event in the UK. It is organized by the charity "Brake," which promotes traffic safety. Brake also sends an electronic action pack to help you with event if you register with them to host a road safety event.
•    Road safety demonstrations, events, awareness film screenings, discussions, and other activities are held during Road Safety Week by thousands of organizations, schools, and communities. The occasion has a theme each year.
•    During Road Safety Week, the police frequently conduct roadside vehicle safety inspections, emphasizing the risks of poorly maintained vehicles and providing advice to drivers, or conducting speed checks and reminding the public that speeding is a significant cause of accidents and a contributor to fatalities from road accidents.
•    Schools can use Road Safety Week to teach students about the Highway Code, safety when crossing the street, cycling competence tests, the value of wearing a helmet while cycling, etc.
•    It also host safety lectures for riders who ride on public roads, and the general public can be reached through the press, media, and public events to remind them of safe driving practices, statistics relating to reckless driving and traffic accidents, use of mobile phones while driving, and other topics.
•    The occasion has the ability to reach a wide audience across the country and urge people to drive safely, thereby averting numerous accidents.


•    To protect the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, road safety regulations must be strictly adhered to at all times. In fact, deaths from traffic accidents are most common among those between the ages of 15 and 29. To prevent catastrophic accidents and injuries, it is necessary to establish and strictly enforce traffic regulations and norms.
•    The usage of various road safety products is one of the strategies and tactics used to establish road safety. Products for road safety that are well-engineered and distinctively designed guarantee the ongoing safety of both automobiles and pedestrians. These traffic safety solutions inform drivers about dangerous areas of the road, warn them to avoid them, and easily arrange traffic and vehicles.
•    Road barriers, road fences, and safety barricades are some essential road safety equipment that are employed on a global scale.

Road Barriers:

Road Safety Week 2022 Highlighting The Importance of Road Safety
•    The dividers that divide the highways are equipped with road light barriers. They are positioned to make the dividers more visible. The following are some crucial characteristics of road barriers:
1.    Usually, road barriers do not rust, chip, or peel because of the superior quality of their substance. Because of this, they require no upkeep.
2.    Made from virgin, premium-grade polyethylene that has undergone UV stabilization.
3.    The barriers' wind-reflecting slots serve to keep them from being uprooted.
4.    The road barriers are made to withstand strong winds brought on by driving vehicles.
5.    The traffic light's opposite direction is where the retro reflective strips are affixed.
6.    In comparison to more traditional items like drums and posts, which are occasionally used to build temporary barricades, road barriers are also more efficient, more sturdy, and safer.

Road Fences:

•    Construction workers are shielded from oncoming traffic by road railings. They also serve to reroute traffic and alert drivers to construction zones. A few characteristics of road fences are: 
•    They are simple to install, and handle. This characteristic means that smooth traffic flow can be anticipated fairly soon.
•    Manufactured from virgin polyethene of the highest grade and UV stabilization.
•    In order to be as visible as possible during the day, road fences are black in colour. Depending on the need, they are also available in a variety of colors.
•    Retro reflectors are on them to make them more visible at night. Black road railings reflect street lights and increase visibility by double.

Safety Barricades:

•    Safety barricades are used to restrict any uncontrolled movement in a hazardous region, as well as to close streets and reroute traffic and pedestrians to the right or safer routes. Depending on their use, safety barricades can alternatively be a fence or a window. Safety barricades are made from superior grade UV stabilized virgin polyethylene material, just like other road safety goods.
•    Depending on the need, they come in a variety of colors and sizes.
•    They are durable, simple to handle, and quick to install. Additionally, safety barricades are designed to resist all kinds of weather.


It is crucial to be informed that traffic accidents continue to be a serious public health issue. When road safety equipment is used appropriately or effectively, it can assist save lives, reduce accidents and injuries, and maintain society's optimal functioning.

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