Global South Summit: Emergence Of A New Global Order 

About Summit:

India opened the Voice of Global South Summit on January 12 with Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivering the opening address, ushering in a new and energizing approach to geopolitics. The summit, which is taking place digitally, includes numerous ministerial-level discussions. India has always acknowledged and articulated the needs of the Global South, whether it was at the UNSC or multilateral forums.
The phrase "Global South" refers to the region of the world that is primarily in the southern hemisphere, to the south of the industrialized, developed countries, and has low levels of economic and industrial development. The continents of Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania can also be used to understand the Global South. The term "Global South" also conjures up an image of the world that places historically underrepresented and small geopolitical players at its core.
India is attempting to bring the countries of the Global South together into a strong front so that an action-oriented approach can be implemented for the nations of the Global South, thanks to its vast population and enormous economic capabilities. By establishing a link between the countries, one can explain why the global south has endured severe hardship while making a negligible contribution to world crises. The effects of industrialization, including the food crises and climate change, have significantly harmed the poor countries.
"During the 20th century, we helped one another resist foreign rule. Prime Minister Modi remarked during his speech at the Voice of Global South summit that "We can do it again in this Century to establish a new World Order that will guarantee the wellbeing of our folks.
The unrealized potential of the developing economies of the Global South is well known to the world. If the nations work together in areas like technical exchanges, idea exchanges, trading best manufacturing practices, and other areas, they will make great progress.

India – The Power House of Global South:

Over the course of its 75-year journey, India has successfully positioned itself as a 21st-century powerhouse. The nation's standing in the world has grown steadily, and it has been instrumental in averting major world crises. In addition to having one of the largest Diasporas, the nation has become a powerful global leader due to technological advancements, economic potential, and improvements in social indicators.

India: Capable Global South Leader

Global South Summit: Emergence of A New Global Order
India has a lot to give the globe, particularly the developing nations of the world. The world has seen how India played a big role in evacuating residents from Afghanistan and Ukraine during the times of hostilities in those countries, in addition to the nation's Vaccine Maitri, which gave medications and vaccinations to over 100 countries during the pandemic.
Notably, India's digital public assets, which sustain a significant section of the Indian people and include UPI, RuPay, and India Stack, can be an effective tool for the digital transformation of other developing and emerging nations. Bhutan, an immediate neighbor of India, was the first country to install the Bharat Interface for Money - Unified Payments Interface (BHIM-UPI). The usage of the RuPay card system is also permitted in a number of other countries, including Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.
India's hospital system, which handles thousands of international patients and has proven to be one of the most successful and efficient healthcare systems worldwide, is another example of how India helps other countries. The battle against terrorism, maritime policy, and other areas could advance significantly if the Global South and India collaborates.

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