Who Was Rajmata Jijabai?

Who Was Rajmata Jijabai?


Jijabai Bhonsle (also Bhonsale, Bhosale, Bhosle) or Jadhav, also known as Rajmata, Rastramata, Jijabai, or Jijau, was the mother of Shivaji, the founder of the Maratha Empire, and lived from 12 January 1598 until 17 June 1674. She was the daughter of Sindkhed Raja's Lakhujirao Jadhav. 

About Rajmata of The Maratha Empire:

•    Reign: 1645-1674
•    Born: Jijabai Jadhav 12 January 1598 Jijau Mahal, Sindkhed Raja, Ahmadnagar Sultanate (Present-day Buldhana District, Maharashtra, India)
•    Died: 17 June 1674 (aged 76) Pachad, Maratha Empire (Present-day Raigad District, Maharashtra, India)
•    Spouse: Shahaji (1664)
•    Father: Lakhuji Jadhav
•    Mother: Mahalasabai Jadhav
•    Religion: Hinduism


Mahalasabai Jadhav and Lakhuji Jadhav of Deulgaon, close to Sindkhed, in the modern Buldhana district of Maharashtra, gave birth to Jijabai on January 12, 1598. An honorable Maratha named nobel was Lakhojiraje Jadhav. Jijabai married Shahaji Bhosle, a military leader working for the Nizam Shahi sultans and the son of Maloji Bhosle of Verul village, at a young age. She nurtured Shivaji to be a warrior and taught him about swarajya. Jijabai passed away on June 17, 1674. Jijabai belonged to the Sindkhed Raja dynasty of Jadhavas, who also claimed Yadava ancestry.  

Work And Life:

Who Was Rajmata Jijabai
Shahaji Raje gave Shivaji the Jagir of Pune when he was just 14 years old. And Jijabai was in charge of overseeing the Jagir. Jijabai and Shivaji brought experienced officials when they arrived in Pune. Pune was in terrible shape because of the constant Nizamshah, Adilshah, and Mughal interests. She rebuilt Pune despite these challenging conditions. She provided the inhabitants with safety by ploughing the farmland with a golden plough. She was in charge of the monarchs' education. 
Jijabai related tales from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata to Shivaji, which both started and finished with independence. How brave Rama was to slay Ravana, who was robbing Sita, how brave Bhima was to fight Bakasura and save the helpless, etc. Jijabai performed these rites, and as a result, Shivaji Raje materialized. Jijabai, who was seated next to the chair, not only related the tale but also taught the fundamentals of politics.
She was a proficient rider of horses. She was an extremely skilled swordswoman. She developed and ran her husband's Jagir in Pune. The Kasba Ganapati Mandir was founded by her. She also refurbished Tambadi Jogeshwari Temple and Kevareshwar Temple.
On June 17, 1674, she passed away in Pachad Village, close to Raigad Fort. Only twelve days had passed since Shivaji's coronation at that point.

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