White Revolution

The package programme adopted to increase the production of milk is known as White Revolution in India.
  • The White Revolution in India occurred in 1970, when the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) was established to organize the dairy development through the co-operative societies.
  • The dairy development programme through co-operative societies was first established in the state of Gujarat. The co-operative societies were most successful in the Anand District of Gujarat.
  • The co-operative societies are owned and managed by the milk producers. These co-operatives apart from financial help, also provide consultancy. The increase in milk production has also been termed as Operation Flood.

  • The main objectives of the co-operative society are the procurement, transportation, storage of milk at the chilling plants.
  • To provide cattle feed.
  • The production of wide varieties of milk products and their marketing management.
  • The societies also provide superior breeds of cattle (cows and buffaloes), health service, veterinary treatment, and artificial insemination facilities.
  • To provide extension service.

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