What Are The Components Of Current Account?



A nation's short-term transactions, or the gap between savings and investments, are covered by the current account. Visible commerce, invisible trade, transfer payments, net factor income, and remittances are some of the current account's constituents. Because of the real effects that the movement of goods and services has on income, output, and employment levels in the economy, these are often referred to as actual transactions. 
What Are The Components of Current Account?

A Current Account Is What?

•    The current account records trade in services, transfer payments, and exports and imports of goods.
•    The flow of investments, goods, and services into and out of a nation is tracked by the current account.
•    The nation runs a deficit if the value of goods and services imported exceeds the value of those exported.
•    The current account comprises transfers like foreign aid as well as net revenue like interest and dividends.
•    A country's transactions with foreign nations are recorded in its current account.
•    The current account is made up of remittances, net factor income, transfer payments, visible trade, and invisible trade.
•    The current account balance also reflects the credit and debit of foreign exchange from these transactions.
•    The balance of trade is used to approximate the current account balance that results. 

Various Current Account Elements

The following are the current account's principal elements:

Visible Trade: Imported and exported products

•    The majority of international trade deals include the export and import of goods by a nation.
•    While receipts from the export of commodities to other countries are displayed on the positive side or as positive things, payments paid for the import of goods from other nations are displayed on the negative side or as debit items.
•    The trade balance, often known as the merchandise trade balance, is the difference between these exports and imports.
•    The trade balance will be positive if exports outnumber imports and negative if imports outnumber exports.

Invisible trade (The export and import of services)

•    It comprises, among other things, the export and import of services such as those related to information technology, banking, insurance, and advisory services offered to foreign nations, BPO, tourism, and outsourcing.
•    The current account records the export of services as a credit and the import of services as a debit.
•    It is referred to as "invisible trade" since both the export and import of services are invisible.
What Are The Components of Current Account?

Transfers of funds

•    Gifts and donations, personal remittances, overseas aid, charitable contributions, withdrawals of NRI deposits locally, and other one-way (unilateral) transfers are examples of transfer payments.
•    Outgoing remittances are recorded as a debit to the current account, whilst incoming transfers are recorded as a credit.

Net Factor Income 

•    Net factor income includes dividend income from shares in overseas firms, revenue from international investments, income from foreign subsidiaries of companies, interest from loans and investments abroad, and other similar sources of income.
•    Payments to overseas residents are recorded as a debit to the current account when they are made, while income from foreign sources is recorded as a credit.


By lowering the current account deficit, enhancing the balance of payments, and reducing dependency on external borrowing, remittances have a favorable effect on economic growth. 


The current account is a crucial indicator for any nation since it tracks current trade activity, direct investments, and the performance of citizen-owned assets. India's current account deficit has lately increased after being in surplus for a while. The rupee's value against the US dollar has also significantly declined as a result of insufficient capital inflows. The objective of the government is to develop policies that will boost exports while lowering unneeded imports, such as imports of gold.

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