Legislative Procedure of Ordin

Legislative Procedure of Ordinary Bill In Parliament

There are two types of bills introduced in Parliament: public bills and private bills (also known as...

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Stages in the Enactment of the

Stages in the Enactment of the Budget

How The Budget is Presented? The budget is divided into two sections: the Railway Budget and the Ge...

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Devices of Parliamentary Proce

Devices of Parliamentary Proceedings In India

What Is Question Hour? This is scheduled for the first hour of every parliamentary session. During ...

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Sessions of the Parliament of

Sessions of the Parliament of India

What Is Summoning? The president convenes each House of Parliament on a regular basis. However, the...

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Deputy Speaker And Speaker Pro

Deputy Speaker And Speaker Pro Tem of Lok Sabha

Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha The Deputy Speaker, like the Speaker, is chosen by the Lok Sabha from a...

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The Presiding Officer of The L

The Presiding Officer of The Lok Sabha

The presiding officer of each House of Parliament is different. The Lok Sabha has a Speaker and a De...

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Chairman and Deputy Chairman o

Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha

The Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is the presiding officer. The Vice-President of India is the Rajya S...

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Qualification And Disqualifica

Qualification And Disqualification of Members of Parliament

How to Become MP in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha? The Constitution establishes the following requireme...

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Composition of The Parliament

Composition of The Parliament of India

The Indian Parliament is divided into three sections by the Constitution: the President, the Council...

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Various Functions of The Parli

Various Functions of The Parliament

Our constitution, as previously stated, has adopted the Parliamentary system of government, which re...

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Territorial Constituencies and

Territorial Constituencies and their Re-Adjustment

Each state is divided into geographical seats for the purpose of holding direct Lok Sabha elections....

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Chief Minister of The State

Chief Minister of The State

The position of Chief Minister at the state level is comparable to that of Prime Minister at the nat...

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