Direct Democracy: Explanation,

Direct Democracy: Explanation, Benefits, And Drawbacks

Direct democracy, often known as "pure democracy," is a type of democracy where citizens themselves,...

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A whistleblower is someone who discloses knowledge regarding action inside a private or public insti...

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How The Indian Constitution Ha

How The Indian Constitution Has Been Undermined By The Ews Ruling:

Owen M. Fiss, a professor at Yale University, has argued that "economic criteria" is artificial and ...

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New Government Regulations Pro

New Government Regulations Prohibiting Surrogate Advertisement

Under legislation like the Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act, 2003, which prohibits all forms...

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Are Political Views Shaped By

Are Political Views Shaped By Personality Traits?

Where do we get our political opinions from? There is growing evidence that a significant component ...

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The Criminal Procedure (Identi

The Criminal Procedure (Identification) Rules, 2022

Under the Criminal Procedure (Identification) Act of 2022, police officers or prison guards are perm...

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Legislative Procedure In State

Legislative Procedure In State Legislature

How an Ordinary Bills is Pass in the State Legislature? Ordinary bills can come from either chamber...

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Sessions of The State Legislat

Sessions of The State Legislature

What is Summoning? The governor summons each House of the state legislature to meet on a regular ba...

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Legislative Council Vs. Legisl

Legislative Council Vs. Legislative Assembly

The council's constitutional position (in comparison to the assembly) can be examined from two persp...

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Qualifications & Disqualificat

Qualifications & Disqualifications of MLA

The Constitution establishes the following requirements for becoming a member of the state legislatu...

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Speaker And Chairman of The St

Speaker And Chairman of The State Legislature

Each state legislature's House of Representatives has its own presiding officer. The legislative ass...

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Composition and Duration of St

Composition and Duration of State Legislature

Composition of the State Legislature The organisation of state legislatures is not consistent. The ...

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