Situation In India During WW-I

Situation In India During WW-II

•    When Nazi Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, World War II began. In Ma...

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Why Did The Congress Accept Pa

Why Did The Congress Accept Partition?

Why did the Congress agree to Partition and how did they do so? It's understandable that the League ...

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The Mountbatten Plan of 1947 A

The Mountbatten Plan of 1947 And Its Consequences

The Mountbatten Plan, also known as the 3rd June, 1947 Plan, aimed to achieve an early transfer of p...

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The Simla Conference And Jinna

The Simla Conference And Jinnah’s Communal Blackmail

The Government was torn between forming an Interim Government with the Congress and waiting for the ...

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Role of The British In Partiti

Role of The British In Partition of India

The contradictory nature of the reality of August 15, 1947 continues to fascinate historians and tor...

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The Rin Revolt of 1946 And Its

The Rin Revolt of 1946 And Its Significance

The Royal Indian Navy (RIN) revolt began on February 18th, when 1100 naval ratings from HMIS Talwar ...

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The INA Trials of 1945

The INA Trials of 1945

The fate of members of Subhas Chandra Bose's Indian National Army (INA), who were captured by the Br...

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Post-War National Upsurge Afte

Post-War National Upsurge After 1945

The end of World War II signalled a significant shift. The political stage witnessed a wide range of...

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Formation of Indian National A

Formation of Indian National Army

When Mohan Singh, an Indian officer in the British Indian Army, decided not to join the retreating B...

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Parallel Governments During Qu

Parallel Governments During Quit India Movement

The emergence of what became known as parallel governments in some parts of the country was a signif...

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Violence During Qim And Gandhi

Violence During Qim And Gandhiji’s Fast In 1943

How did the use of violence in 1942 fit into the nonviolence policy of Congress? For one thing, many...

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Underground Activity During Th

Underground Activity During The Quit India Movement

The government's sudden attack elicited an immediate response from the public. As soon as word of th...

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