Swadeshi And Boycott Movement

Swadeshi And Boycott Movement (1905-08): Characteristics of The Movement

INTRODUCTION The Swadeshi movement was a well-liked tactic for overthrowing British control and enh...

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Aligarh Movement | Syed Ahmad

Aligarh Movement | Syed Ahmad Khan

  Indian Muslims consider the Aligarh Movement to be their most significant socioreligious mov...

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Mughal Empire In The Deccan &

Mughal Empire In The Deccan & Akbar's Deccan Policy

  Akbar's rule saw the beginning of the Mughal Deccan policy because Babur and Humayun were on...

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Fourth Anglo-Mysore War

Fourth Anglo-Mysore War

  The fourth Anglo-Mysore war was held in the year 1798-1799. This war was between the East In...

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Chera Dynasty Rulers - History

Chera Dynasty Rulers - History of Medieval India

  Introduction One of the three main kingdoms of Tamilkam, the Chera Dynasty ruled portions o...

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The Middle Strata of The Middl

The Middle Strata of The Middle Ages

  Introduction A group of persons who were compensated for their professional talents rather ...

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The Cheras (9th To 12th Centur

The Cheras (9th To 12th Century) - Medieval India

  Introduction A Dravidian royal dynasty from Tamil Nadu, the Cheras. They were the first in ...

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Shah Jahan's Balkh Campaign -

Shah Jahan's Balkh Campaign - Medieval India

  Introduction Shah Jahan's only aim following the conquest of Qandahar in 1638 was to annex ...

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Hunter Education Commission (1

Hunter Education Commission (1882–1883): Education Commission Under British Rule

  Introduction Viceroy Lord Ripon appointed the Hunter Education Commission with the mandate ...

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History of The Chak Dynasty An

History of The Chak Dynasty And Muhammad Ghazi Shah Chak (1555 Ce) 

  Introduction Around 1555 CE, Muhammad Ghazi Shah Chak founded the dynasty. The Dard region ...

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The Ruling Classes - Nobility,

The Ruling Classes - Nobility, Rural Gentry In The Medieval Period

  Introduction The ruling classes in medieval India could be roughly split into two groups: t...

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Woods Despatch (1854): Educati

Woods Despatch (1854): Educational Development Under British

  Introduction Charles Wood wrote a letter outlining a possible educational system for India....

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