Wilful Defaulter: Indian Econo

Wilful Defaulter: Indian Economy

  Introduction A wilful defaulter is defined as "entities that have failed to meet their paym...

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Sustainable Stock Exchanges: I

Sustainable Stock Exchanges: Indian Economy

  Introduction Through collaboration with investors, regulators, and corporations, exchanges ...

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Net Domestic Product (NDP): Ex

Net Domestic Product (NDP): Explained

  Introduction A collection of guidelines and methods for determining a nation's output are r...

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Head Count Ratio: Indian Econo

Head Count Ratio: Indian Economy

  Introduction The percentage of a population that lives in poverty is known as the Head Coun...

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Balance of Payment: Current Ac

Balance of Payment: Current Account - Indian Economy

  Introduction A nation's short-term transactions, or the gap between savings and investments...

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Social Stock Exchange - Indian

Social Stock Exchange - Indian Economy 

  Introduction Social firms that are committed to resolving various socioeconomic concerns ar...

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Classification of NPA - Indian

Classification of NPA - Indian Economy

  Introduction Loans and arrears made by banks or other financial institutions that have a pr...

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Socio Economic Caste Census (S

Socio Economic Caste Census (SECC): Indian Economy

  Introduction The Socio-Economic Caste Census (SECC) 2011 is the first census to ever gather...

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What Is Gross National Product

What Is Gross National Product (GNP) In An Indian Economy?

  Introduction The total worth of goods and services produced by a nation over the course of ...

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Balance of Payments (BOP): Ind

Balance of Payments (BOP): Indian Economy

  Introduction A statement of all recorded transactions between entities or business units in...

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Here’s About The New Umbrell

Here’s About The New Umbrella Entities 

Recently In News: New Umbrella Entities are being considered, according to RBI’s Governor Sha...

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What Is A Green Bond?

What Is A Green Bond?

Meaning A specific kind of fixed-income instrument called a "green bond" is designated to raise fun...

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